Aftermarket hand valves?

On the pump of my AFV Club M492C tanker truck, I want to replace the hand valves with something more realistic than the flat disks of the kit. HB gives beautiful ones with their CCKW fuel tanker, see pic - but at 5 mm dia., they’re too large. Does anyone make things like that in a smaller diameter, say 3mm or thereabouts?

TIA, Peter

I found these…


there’s also this set on Shapeways

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Lots of options out there, for 3D printing (which is ideal for this), PE or resin.
Hauler, Aber and Royal Model all make PE sets:

MAIM has a resin (or it might be 3D print):

RT Diorama has a set of 3D print pipe valves that include the handwheels. The smallest is 4mm so it might work:

And as already noted, I would spend some time looking through Shapeways. The set noted above is a good one, but for something less expensive you might try these. They are 1/24 but could be scaled down to 1/35 by the seller if you contact them:


Thank you all! Seems like I really have a choice I never would’ve dreamed of.

Depending on how big you want the hand valves, I’ve used these from Grandt Line. They are actually 1/48 scale, but some are big enough for most 1/35 use:
Here’s an example of some of these handwheels on Italeri’s 1/35 Maiale:

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