Aftermarket workable tracks for Trumpeter 2K11A Krug?

Hi all,

I am considering buying the Trumpeter 09523 2K11 Krug (SA-4 Ganef) but I’d like to replace the kit’s link-and-length tracks (I simply can’t stand this type of tracks for now) with some after market goodies…
So my question is what are my options? As far as I can understand the 2S3 Akatsiya is based on the same chassis (albeit shortened) so I am thinking if I can buy 2 sets of MTL35062 (to compensate for the longer wheelbase) - are they going to be accurate/compatible?

You will need only one set, I used the Masterclub MTL35061 Tracks for 2K22 “Tunguska”, (SA-Grison) and they worked and look great. Tracks for 2K22 "Tunguska", (SA-19 Grison), MasterClub MTL35061

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My sample did not contain link and length tracks but individual workable links. And they were pretty good.


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Funny. Somehow I got the impression that the kit contains link-and-length tracks. If they are workable individual links - problem solved, indeed :wink: