AFV Club Centurion IDF Shot Kal Gimel

Okay…So I’ve decided on the above mentioned kit. After watching some videos on it. It doesn’t appear to be too much different ( other than the obvious Israeli mods) but the basic kit is similar to the initial production. Meaning P.E. parts, moveable road wheel assembly area. ( Springs included) steel barrel. Etc. Etc. So does anyone Here have any experience with this model or AFV Club models ? If so how would you rate it or them. From the research I’ve done it APPEARS to be a pretty easy though slightly complicated kit. Any Thoughts?

You’ll need to use CA to get good joints on the corners of the stowage boxes, and sand carefully.
The upper and lower turret halves leave a pretty good seam but you can use it to your advantage by really soaking the mating surfaces with liquid cement and squeezing them together to make the seam bulge out ever so slightly. The real turret had a seam in the same spot but opinions vary on how prominent it was. On some it was very noticeable.
Take care with all of the upper hull pieces and test fit carefully. Thoroughly remove sprue gates or you WILL get a gap.
There’s a clear piece on the turret top for the periscope that many people miss in the instructions, and they just add the cover. Insure that you watch that step
I never paid much attention to the moveable suspension. Best for a diorama I supppse.


I built their earlier shot kal, about a year ago. It is still waiting for paint sadly. What @18bravo is important regarding the turret halves.

I wasn’t careful with the sprue gates where the top plate of the hull meets the front angled glacias and got the exact gap he describes. I was able to fix it, but it was a pain! Other than that it’s a great kit

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I have built one which is presented somewhere in the armor section.
I remember the instructions were a bit vague how to place some of the ERA blocks on the hull. AFV Club didn’t mold holes or marks to glue them wherever they are needed.


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The mantlet cover provided in the kit is not the best material to work with. The kit is fairly straight forward to build but not there are many parts and sub-assemblies. Accuracy wise there are some minor details missing or in need of alteration but nothing major.

We had some great build of various AFV Club kits during the group build on the Centurion tank.

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Thanks. WOW. Thiers Alot to read about this kit… Very Interesting.