AFV Club M113 APC Question

Does anyone know if the afv kit of the m113 apc comes with the belly pan armour?

It depends on which AFV Club M113 you are referring to.

I am assuming you mean their Aussie M113A1 (AF35291).

If that is correct, yes it comes with the belly armor added by the Australian Army in Vietnam. It also has the armored plated that were added under the forward track overhang as well.

Thanks,but I’m inquiring about the American nam version.

No it doesnt

Thanks for the comeback

Negative on the U S version

From very late 67 till March 69, I never saw a U.S. Army ACAV with belly armor. Sheridans often got it, and even then not everybody did. Yet I was way up north, so we were near the bottom of the food chain. I would check photos of the 1st / 4th CAV down by the rubber plantations. If anybody needed it and got it, they did.

Once again; back north. Once the monsoon season hit, they were back in the staging areas. Too muddy to go out there. That’s when they would have had the time and chance to retrofit it. Otherwise I’d guess it came over on new issue equipment to replace a CBL’d track. Remember it was often a forty mile drive each way to get something major done