AFV Club M49A2C truck

Hi everybody,
I’ve dug out this kit from the stash hoping for a quick and easy build. I have Pete Harlem’s build report in MMiR #3 and Vodnik’s review - and a question:
How is part 61, the Master Brake Cylinder (?) to be mounted correctly? I can’t tell head from tail on it, and the instructions only seem to want it mounted with the narrow end towards the front, but don’t tell which side should be cemented to what surface of the frame rail.
Sure, it won’t be very visible in the end, but AMS forces me to ask - so, please!

Just glue the flat side to the inside of the frame. There is no pin or any other reference point. As you said, it really can’t be seen once completed anyways.

Ok, will do that.
Next question: Does that line (cable? hose?) coming out of the hole in the frame rail in front of the spare wheel carrier and going to the cab have anything to do with the brakes?
TIA, Peter

Peter, Peter,

did you for forgot one of vour favorite German rivet counters!

TM 9-2320-361-10

Operator’s Manual for 2-1/2 TON, 6X6, M44A2 Series Trucks /Multi-Fuel)

Do you need it? I have it!


Hauke Krapf