AFV Club M51 5-Ton Dump Truck #AF35322

Any ideas as to if/when this dump truck might be coming from AFV Club? It is one of the kits displayed in the recent M110 box.

I’m waiting for an M543 5 ton wrecker based on their M54A2 :wales:

Any chance of seeing your way clear to scratch building the dump box? They can be sorta easy. (Easier anyway.)

I will admit to having done zero research on the subject but any chance the dump bed offered by Mirror Models for their wartime Diamond T might be a match here? The dumps where usually build by a sub-contractor so it would be entirely possible that they might be identical.

(Yes, just throwing out an idea here that might be totally off target.)

I wonder if Hobby Fan US M59 2,5t Dump Truck Conversion (HF 035) would be usable here…

providing you could still find it…IIRC, the dump bed appeared to be closer to the 5-ton version one.