AFV Club M51 5-Ton Dump Truck #AF35322

Looks damn good. It’s look great with a grader or a dozer next to it and do a dio of US Army engineers building a runway or modernizing a stretch of road.

Couldn’t resist; pulled the trigger. One is on its way to me.

My plan is to use the shorter frame to add the Hobby Link M52 conversion and @MikeyBugs M800 conversion to build an M818 Tractor. The dump body will be added to a shortened I :heart: Kit M925A2 to make an M930A2 Dump Truck.

I’ll let everyone know how it is when I get it. I don’t think I will be disappointed.


I just love your conversion ideas Gino!

Gino can you show your work as you go for us guys with hands that shake (damn TBI)…

Will do.

Jeesh! If I buy this, I’ll have three M51’s, each from different manufacturers, in my stash…………?!

(But as Gino has said, it would make a good base for the M52 tractor)

Just received a message from AFV Hobby, the Taiwan Hobby Shop I ordered from above, that the kit release is delayed. It was supposed to be available to ship 5 Feb, but now is delayed until between 28 Feb and 4 Mar. They did offer a refund if the wait was too long, but I will wait. We’ll see how long before I get it.

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Some background photos from REFORGER exercises show the 5 ton dump trucks with canvas cover over the dump bed. Really made for a stout-looking big bully of a truck! And will fit in nicely with Cold War FTX displays.


That was probably a M817 not a M51 truck