AI fun

I’ve been messing around with a free AI generating free site. Results are sometimes unpredictable with too much “Artificial”, and not enough “Intelligence”! Some of my more acceptable results:

And my favorite; what’s better than Heather Locklear? Why, two Heather Locklears!

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Awww, ain’t it sweet how the Heathers are sharing a hand?

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:women_with_bunny_ears: :smiling_imp:

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That happens a lot! Bodies with 2 heads - hands with too many fingers; or not enough - arms and legs sticking out at weird angles - conjoined bodies, or limbs. That’s why I said, “Not enough Intelligence”. But it’s a toy to play with, and it’s free!
She seems to be all together here: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

(I’m a dirty old man!) :crazy_face:
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