Air ID panel sizing US modern

As I’m working thru gathering my stowage and figures for ODS USMC M60 I noticed quite a few pictures with the air ID panel and I thought it might make an easy scratch detail. Now from what I could guesstimate they look roughly 3ftx6ft give or take. If anyone could illuminate a rough size that would be helpful along w what’s on the other side of the panel. I was going to go w a bright orange, is the other side yellow or something (kind of like ‘the color of the day’ to keep the opposing forces from using the same to dodge an air strike?). Lastly did it have grommets along the side for fastening it down or was it just tucked in wherever or weighted down w stowage?

Thx guys and Merry Xmas

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That standard issued VS-17 panels are 20” wide by 72” long. With hi-vis orange and Magenta.



You can guess I’m a fisherman since my guess was a little too big width but pretty solid on the length. “That brown trout, heck she’s was only 36” nose to tail but thicker than a Snickers, bet she went an easy 25pds by the size of that belly” you got to stretch the truth a bit or everyone thinks you were really sleeping in the truck.

Thx for the photo also, answers my question on the grommets though at 1/35 it’d be a nitpicky item.