Aircraft shown in flight

I am in my 70s and I haven’t modelled since my late teens. One of the big changes for me is the way the models are displayed with everything hanging out. i.e. undercarriage down, canopies up etc. I have had a bit of trouble finding a model maker that makes the undercarriage doors actually fit the appropriate hatches so the aircraft can be seen in flight mode. Not only that, but a crew would also be nice. So my question is after all that, is there a manufacturer that makes models to be shown actually flying?

That has been the bane of aircraft modeling for years. It’s hit or miss even today, although it’s gotten far better. The old Monogram kits, great as they were for their day, were like that.
I can think of two threads on the airfraft forum right now where that is an issue. Best bet is to look for a review of the aircraft you plan to build/purchase and get someone’s take on it who has actually built it. Avoid out of the box reviews where some dude is geegawing over how nice it looks like it’ll build.

Or you can build biplanes. :grinning:

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What 18Bravo said is so true. The older kits were a bear getting the gear doors flush with no gaps. Anything Tamiya designed in the last 10 years are as near to perfect as you’ll get. Fact is, on my recent Tamiya F-16 I used the gear doors secured in place with white glue as a mask for the wheel wells. They were a perfect fit. It was the quintessential shake n’ bake build!

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Good to hear about the Tamiya kit. My next build is the F4B in 1/48th. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the tip about the biplanes, never thought of that. I looked at a build on YouTube about the kit I am building and the way it went together you would think he just shook the box and out it come and as you say the out of box reviews are at best unrealistic. Thank you for your reply.

Spooky – only last night I watched an episode of a UK doco series called “Hornby – Model Empire” or something like that. Hornby owns Airfix, and they were showing an Airfix CAD designer drafting a new Spitfire (looked like 1:72) kit. A little bit of genius to show it in flight, with the stand secured to a base-plate which is the shadow of the Spit painted dark grey. So it looks like it’s buzzing an airfield at around 30 ft altitude.

I’m not a dedicated aircraft modeller (just a casual!) so you might want to check that out, the doco might be a few years old and this might be old news, Maybe Airfix have produced more such kits by now.

Hornby - A Model world. A relatively new documentary (circa 2022-3 - there have been two series so far).

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Thanks, mate. Will definitely have a look.

I was halfway joking, but after my first model (an old Nautilus submarine with a missile of some sort) my next several builds were old, possibly Airfix biplanes. We lived in Navy housing in Pearl City by this time - I had to walk around the neighborhood trying to find someone to tell me which side starboard was, as the instructions said to put the machine gun on the starboard side.

And those very same kits I built as a kid all had these little clear display stands, the bases of which were reminiscent of something out of War of the Worlds. I wonder when they stopped doing that?

I just discovered this - looks like the same ones from back in the day:


FROG 1/72nd scale Hawker Tempest with the included optional clear spinning prop



Have just built the 1/48 Academy A-10C which only had option for gears down. However have seen that the upcoming GWH A-10C comes with option for wheels up too. This is an aircraft which I think would suit an in flight display.


Many of the airfix 1/72 kits are made to be in wheels up mode with separate instructions for on the ground or in flight. The newer airfix kits are really nice. And most (all?) of their kits come with pilots.

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I like that. Thanks.

They do but strangely, most of the pilots are posed with their hands by their sides or in their laps, not posed as though operating flying controls.