Airfix 1/16 Cobra

Hi all i won this on ebay, its an ex MPC kit first thing the instructions are next to useless , on the first page it tells you the colours for airfix paints but there is not one point in the instructions where that colour call out is used ( as you all know I had no intention of building this as should be anyway) but if you wanted to, well, , hard cheese,

So heres the box art

I’m thinking of a fade paint job either blue to white or blue to red not decided yet.

Anyway a start on the engine, it’s not a bad kit detail wise.

Either this must be huge or the Ferrari 312t must be tiny as this is 1/16 whereas the Ferrari is 1/12


Cobra wheelbase 90 inches or 229 cm or 143.1 mm in 1/16 scale
Ferrari wheelbase 2518 mm or 209.8 mm in 1/12

Difference 66.7 mm


Looks about right to me?

I built that Cobra many years ago, the sidepipes had huge mold misalignments.
If I were to do it again I would build new sidepipes from some rod or tube.
There were also huge gaps around doors, trunk and bonnet/hood


Bit more done to this started adding a bit of detail to the engine (I don’t know much about these engines and can’t find many useful pics of throttle linkages and such)

Those air filters are just placed there.

This is the main colour I’ve gone for.


Hi all a bit more paint applied to this one.


Spent ages trying to get this decal to settle down, in the end I decided to remove it, and the reason it wouldn’t settle down became apparent, never seen that happen before and no idea why.


That is a damn shame, buddy!

Best option in my opinion is to airbrush the stripes, just gently build them up in mist layers.

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How long had the paint been drying Ken?

A couple of days. Probably start back on this after Christmas got loads on atm

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Haven’t seen this one yet Ken. Looking forward to the recovery efforts and continued progress pal.

OK so the decals on this went weird so masked it and Sprayed it myself.


Those stripes look great! Decals can never look as good as painted markings.

Been so busy of late that I’ve totally missed your Cobra build. I’ve loved both the 427ci A production and the 289 B production cars ever since i rod in a street modified 427. My God, the HP/Torque was something that I’ve never experienced before compared to my MGB. Still I loved the 289 more.

Interesting concept of that two tone fade paint job, so far it’s looking darn good. As for the issue with the decal, are those pictures of the decal fully dried, and what decal solutions did you use on them?

The engine is coming along quite nicely, but every single Shelby Cobra whether street or track had the original engine block painted Gloss Black, not Ford Blue. After market and customer rebuilds could have been any color that they wanted, so it works with your concept for this build.

happy Holidays to you and your wife.


Thanks Joel I need a good kicking I Sprayed over the stripes with clear twice and couldn’t get a good gloss finish then I looked at the tin, you’re not going to get a good gloss coat with matg clear are you.
Incidentally I went for fuel injection as I couldn’t get the carbs In the correct orientation as they wouldn’t fit ( too big thecright way round) now the fuel injection in the kit are too far apart so even that option is not going to be easy.

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“Incidentally I went for fuel injection as I couldn’t get the carbs In the correct orientation as they wouldn’t fit ( too big thecright way round) now the fuel injection in the kit are too far apart so even that option is not going to be easy.”

Some how I don’t see that as being any where NEAR impossible for you Ken. You’ll work that issue out fine bud. As for the stripes …those look like they were laid down nicely.

Actually, the painted stripes look better then any decal could. Even I managed to paint them on my 1/24 Fujimi build.

I’m not familiar with the kit, so I don’t know what year Cobra you’re modeling. The Original run of 427ci engines came with a single 4-barrel 780 CFM Holley carburetor which was pretty basic and readily available back in those days. That is the combination that Shelby/Ford raced with. but twin Carbs, Webbers, and Fuel injection all found their way on top of that engine.



Good on you for biting the bullet and spraying on the stripes. In most cases it is far better than decals. :clap:t2: :+1:t2:

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Hi all more work on the Cobra.

I decided to ditch the carbs (too much wrong with them )

The kit comes with fuel injection as an option I thought I would go with that, tbh a don’t know which is worse, still I’m stuck with it now, hopefully I can improve on what the kit supplied (still won’t be anything like accurate but maybe look interesting.


Nice job and polishing out the paint job.

Even the fuel injection units are that bad? In 1/16 scale I guess that there’s not that many other options to choose from. Still, with your skills, I’m sure that you’ll make that Big Bloc Ford looks just fine sitting in the Cobra engine bay.


Did some more work on this (leaving the engine for now)


That’s one very interesting carpet pattern for sure.