Airfix A1351 Panzer iv Ausf.H Confusion

Hi folks, my first post, hoping for help with a problem with the instruction sheet for my Airfix Panzer iv Mid Version. The very first task in the instruction sheet is to drill a bunch of hole in various parts.

This is very confusing - what are these holes for? What diameter should they be? How exact does the placement need to be?
Any advise much appreciated!

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Holes like this are usually already present on the inner side of the plastic. Their diameter doesn’t matter much because some part or other will be inserted into them.


Check the later steps of the instructions, there is a whole load of small parts that will have their locating pegs inserted into these holes. I think step 18 is a busy one.

Thank you! So these holes should NOT be drilled all the way through the plastic, they are just “recesses” for parts to be attached to later? Have I got that right?

The holes need to be drilled through to the outer surface completely. That way whatever item is being attached there has a positive location point. As far as diameter of the holes go, if you have a pin vise and a large selection of micro bits, try to match the bit used to the same size of of any starter locator holes on the inner surface.

Ok, I think I have it :grinning:
Thanks everyone, now I can start!

Make sure that you only drill the locations identified by the instruction sheet.
It is possible that Airfix has planned these parts for more versions of the Pz IV
and there could be more drill indications than the ones you need to use for
the Mid version.
Check the later steps in the instructions to check that the holes actually will be
used by small parts later.

I find it helpful to match the drill bit to the locating tab on the part instead of the hole. Often times the hole is much larger than the locating tab and drilling out to the full diameter will leave and extra large hole that needs to be filled

Thank you, yes a good tip. My confusion started when I thought I needed to find and mark the positions of the holes myself, based on the instruction sheet - now I see what you mean: the tiny indentations are already there. I should have looked more carefully - but I think Airfix should have been more clear with the instructions!

There are many manufacturers that could improve their instructions … sigh …

Oh well, bad instructions are just another of the challenges in this hobby :grin:

TYpically, you would drill a 1mm to 1.5mm hole; these are mainly to attach things like tools or spare tracks (in the case of parts D10 and D19), to the top of the fenders. Most makes mold a starting “locator” impression on the underside, then the modeler will drill it all thr way through to attach the tool.

They all recently decided that Dragon set the industry standard for instructions.


Ah yes, drill these holes here, here and here. Then when you finally get to the step where you attach said accessory they give you an A B and C option for orienting. That would have been helpful on step 1 before you perforated the kit…and now option A is your ‘option’.

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