Airfix's Resurrected Bond Bug (OOB)

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well, true as that may be, there are a lot of examples of things that have gotten a lot of publicity yet, unsurprisingly, don’t seem to be all that great. Notoriety is no guarantee of success; we’ve all seen it so many times that it barely needs to be said.

However, some people, or companies, will always choose to push the limits; to try and stretch the limits of good taste in the quest for fame and success. Sometimes, those limits are elastic enough to stretch, and other times, like an old elastic band, they break suddenly and severely.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this was the amazingly polarizing, ridiculously wedgy and questionably tasteless Bond Bug. This bizarre three-wheeler for the “sporty, hip youth segment” was a purely British machine, and it was kitted by none other than Airfix. Long out of print, the new Airfix has resurrected it for a new generation!

You can imagine my excitement at seeing this tangerine-coloured automotive sideshow freak on my local store’s shelves! Check out this kit below, and make sure to leave your good taste at the door!