Ak interactive acrylic

I want to do some paint chipping using either chipping fluid or hair spray.
I mainly us vallejo model air for my painting but I know you can’t get good results chipping model air.
Does the AK airbrush paints (Orange top)act the same way as model air?

Thanks in advance

A better choice. Vallejo paints are great, when it comes to chipping, forget it. AK interactive water base is a better choice, but Tamiya with their X20A thinner is one of the best ways with smaller, more worn look with the ability to control your work. Practicing on left over parts and old shelf queens is a good way to get a feel for things.

Mike that sounds interesting. How would you go about it with the Tamiya X20A ?

Use your base coat. Brand doesn’t really matter. Make sure it is well dried. Two light coats of chipping fluid. Heavy chipping for large chip effects as name states, worn effects for smaller chips and worn edges. Allow to dry. Slight gloss, not wet. 20 to 30 minutes. Apply paint coat, 50 50 or 60 40 ratio. Thinner to paint. You want it to be opaque enough. Light coat. Remember you want to able to remove it easily. You can go over a little heavy on areas you won’t scuff much. Areas that would not get effected much. Than lighter on edges and areas were crew enter and work on. Around hatches to interior and engine. Road wheels. Spockets and front area that may come in contact with brush and effected by rocks and gravel. Allow to dry 30 minutes to an hour and than lightly wet a small area and begin scoffy and removal. You can use a brush, tooth pick or toothbrush. Remember, practice makes perfect. Hope this helps.

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