All hail the chief!

Just a public shout out to Jim Starkweather and those involved in creating the new forums.

They are a right turn after the constellation Orion and light-years on to Auriga and a much better planet called “Thank you”!

Gives me an idea for a Christmas gift.

Please send some love and leave a comment.



Completely agree, H.G. Hearltfelt thanks, Jim!




Agree 110% ! My first post earlier today was effortless, love the drag & drop photo uploads!


Yes totally agree… A very big thank you from across the pond to Jim and all the wizardry he has done to to make this happen… We now have a new platform and an easier one for years and years to come.


Jim thank you for all you have ever done to make Kitmaker network the huge success it is. These new forums are light years ahead of the old, and just a users dream. The dynamics of this new site combined with the character of the people on it have created a new excitement on Armorama that has been lacking for some time. Congratulations to a new beginning and a huge success! :beer: :beer: :beer:


Totally agree with what John said. A big thanks to Jim is the least we can do. I really enjoy the new froum :+1:

Torsten :beer:

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Yay Jim!! The new forum is taking a little while to get used to but seems pretty 21st century. Even us old guys can figure out how to navigate on it. Now, about a gallery…


Yay Jim! The new site is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work.


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The New KitMaker really seems to be taking off. As an early tester, I’ve seen more and more people coming over from the old site and posting their images here with fewer frustrations.

Many thanks are due to Jim and the staff.:beer::beer::beer:

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Indeed a big improvement , particularly in the photo loading area ! Let’s try to encourage all to carry over from the old site .

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Far more usable for a technophobe like me. I can actually contribute rather than just comment. Thank you in spades.

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