All Those ICM German Trucks

I see scads of different ones on eBay. It seems that Dragon ones are super expensive and hard to come by, but who has built any ICM ones?

I own a few but have not built any yet. I have built one of their tanks and it was okay, but it was one of their early efforts–accurate in outline but soft on some details. The trucks I bought were more recent toolings. I also built their 1/32 I-16 Russian fighter which was a good kit. I’d say ICM are your typical Eastern European company that started off rocky but has been getting better.

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I’ve built a couple and I like them. They don’t have loads of PE like MiniArt. I have several waiting to be built in my stash. The subjects are also mainly unique to this manufacturer. Each new issue seems to be more detailed than the last.

Haven’t built any of their German ones but I built one of their Brit WOT trucks. Was a decent enough build in the end. I found their chassis construction to be a major pain though. Instructions make it easy to invert the direction of cross members which messes with alignment.

Detail was solid though and no major body fit issues. I’d buy one again.


I’ve built ICM’s:

  • Henschel 33D1(twice)- a lovely, well detailed kit that I can highly recommend.
  • Ford 3000V S/SSM Maultier,
  • Mercedes-Benz 3000S,
  • Renault AHN

I own a KHD A3000 too, but I haven’t built it sofar.It was recommended to me by Kalin

I’ve seen following ICM kits built from modelling buddies of mine:

  • Krupp L3H163 trucks(both radio and GC)
  • Mercedes Benz LG3000

All ICM trucks I mentioned have engines and some chassy detailing included and are very good value for the money.


I like the ICM’s German truck models. If desired, allow conversions to be made on them. I have them all. I built five of them. I would recommend them.

I have built a few and they are fairly easy to build with standard modelling skills. The engine, transmission and chassis tend to be good from the box and have the potential to be excellent with some detailing skills. My biggest complaint is the difficulty in showing the front wheels turned and displaying all the oily bits I like so much.


To some at least, accuracy and details of these kits are “questionnable” (to put it kindly…)


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Thanks for the heads up.

Agreed. There are some major problems with accuracy on some of them, but others are OK.
AHN - wheels and mudguard details.
Bedfords - missing minor items.
Chev G7107 - cab dimensions wrong
WOT - post war tyres and mirrors
In general, good feel but could do better.

Andrew T

I am not bothered by the inaccuracies too much as people have already noted options are limited, I do not know enough about the exact details to be bothered by minor errors, and I am the only person who comes into my house who would even know the difference.

That said, the only ICM truck/car in my stash is the Mercedes G4 staff car. All else is Zvezda, Tamiya, Dragon, or Trumpeter.