Alpine German Fallschirmjäger

Here is my Alpine German Para finally finished. Actually I have to dust up the boots and groundwork with pigments to blend it together. Might add a dandelion or two to the scene. Comments welcome.


I should have mentioned in my first post but I used Vallejo’s acrylics for everything from the figure to the groundwork. Only exception is a satin coat for the metal parts of the rifle. I used various types of static grass, and some dried plants for the bushes. The dirt was this pink stuff a friend gave me; I have no idea what it is but has a nice texture to it. The fence section is from Tamiya and the step is from a railroad scenic wall. I used a piece of styrofoam for the base behind the steps and covered it with apoxy sculpt. More pics……


Here’s the pink stuff and some WIP pics


Looks great and I was going to ask about all those items. :+1:

Thanks Ryan! The pics look a little blurry I’m noticing. Have to work with this iphone more

Great painting, Richard! I always envy the guys who can do that. I’m never able to reach that level.
Btw. I have corrected the word “Fallschirmjäger” in the title. Hope it’s okay for you.

Thank you Torsten! I could have done a better job of blending the highlights on the pants but oh well. And thank you for correcting the spelling, I thought I had right after several attempts lol.

Lovely little figure Richard. The multi-level groundwork is a great touch and adds a nice bit of visual interest to the base. You have got the splinter camo looking fantastic- its one I’ve never managed to do well and I know how hard it is to do -I take my hat off to you on this! The satin on the gun is a nice touch and something I do myself. I would also tend to add some satin to finish off the leather webbing on German figs- if you are doing another German fig you could give it a try- I think it helps distinguish the slight sheen of leather from the (usually) matt finish of the uniform its being worn over.

Thank you Karl for the kind words. The camo pattern was difficult in that it was tedious and I had to go back constantly to make corrections. I could have done a better job of the rain marks but maybe next time. I will use your suggestion on the leather webbing. Thanks again!

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Great job on that splinter camo! :+1:
:grinning: :canada:

Thanks Leo. I still have to add some dust to his lower leg areas and boots to bring it all together. Then it’s time to move on to my next fig for the figure campaign.

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