AM replacements for US AA in 1/700

Does anyone have any recommendations for (preferably) 3D printed 1/700 US navy light, medium, and heavy AA ( single 20 mm Oerlikon, quad 1.1 in., unshielded 5 in. AA)? All for a 1942 (pre Coral Sea version) Lexington. 3DModelParts would usually have been my go-to company, but they are MIA! Fine Molds Nano Dread look like very good plastic alternatives, and I’m really not interested in PE, which I want to replace, anyway!
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Go to the FreeTime Hobbies website and search for “Blue Ridge Models”. They have a selection of 1/700 3D printed AA weapsons

Check out L’Arsenal, they might have some of the stuff you need:

Thanks, but I saw some Shelf Oddity products (3D printed, PE, turned brass) that very nicely fit the bill! And they have all the weapons I need! :+1:
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