Ambush diorama 1:35

Finally I have started a new project I call it ambush for now. I have started with parts of the house and some figures

part of the roof

This is my first attempt at painting camouflage


Very nice Micke, the colours and cam plus the figures in general have come out great in my opinion… The colour/cam percentage looks lovely.

House has built up nice… Was it from a set ?

Wish my first figures looked like that! Looking forward to following this one.

Years ago I started on a very similar diorama that never got finished. @JPTRR has it now.

Thanks Jonny glad you like it and the house is a scratch build from styrofoam and plasticard

And thanks Spitfire for the kind words


Great start! :+1:
:grin: :canada:

Oh this will be nice to follow again! Great looking figures!

First attempt, those looks awesome!

I wish my first - and current - figures look as good as yours.

First attempt?? Looks expert.

Thanks for the kind comments. very glad you like the figures

Hey ! Have continued with my diorama and got a bit on the road with the house and the roof. Here the facade is painted with acrylic and airbruch a couple of layers of glossy varnish before the weathering begins

Here the roof is almost ready, I will fix the edges so they are straight. I have cast the rooftiles in plaster
that I had in various pigments and have also sealed them with glossy varnish


Looking great Micke, its really taking shape now. Lovely work

I like your figures a lot. You did a great job.

Welcome to the forums @Fallschirmjager … hope you enjoy it all here and have fun :+1:

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The blue looks fantastic!

Looks great so far and awesome job on the figures.

Long time since I did any update but took a long time to make the paving stone.
Also some progress with the one house


Wow, your building are amazing! Keep up the good work Micke! /Erik

That’s a lot of good looking brick work. :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thank you and nice to see you Erik on the forum again

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