AML 90, Takom or Tiger Model?

Which flavor of AML 90 would you go with? I prefer accuracy and fit over other considerations. Most reviews are not so helpful.

I have built the AML60 from Takom which is basically the same kit and the build went quite smooth. Not too much to worry about. The rear engine compartment can be a bit tricky but nothing impossible to deal with.
Those who have built the Tiger Model AML90 praise the kit mostly because of the full combat compartment interior and the metal gun barrel. From my experience with TM kits, the fit is not their high point but they still are buildable.

Accuracy wise Takom is pretty good.


I enjoyed building the Tiger version

I have built the Takom AML 90. As Olivier says, a little test fitting and smidgen of trimming to get the engine compartment fit right is all it really needed.

The only real addition you need is some chain for the dischargers on the turret. The Takom barrel is good enough without needing to get a metal one. If you want the hatches open, you will need to add detail inside, which is not hard to do by any means. Based on bang for buck, unless you are going to do a full interior, them I would go the way of Takom.

I wanted to depict a specific vehicle so I had to make the spare wheel mount as the spare was not attached, and also removed the moulded in tarp in the fender cage. TMD’ version has the Jerry can basket in lieu of the spare wheel mount anyway. This is a couple of WIP pics showing how it goes together.

End result - I am NOT a figure builder…


Might mention Takom gives you two types of air intakes for the opening on the fenders into the engine bay

Oh… and if you plan to do an Argentine one from the Falklands, you should know some work is required for an accurate one from both Takom and the TM version.

Thank you all for your helpful replies! Takom seems to be the pick of the crowd. :+1: