Ammo Crystal Clear color - problem

Hi guys,
I am having trouble with Ammo Crystal clear light blue color - I can’t get it to be transparent. I tried airbrushing it in thin layers, no luck with transparency. Stripped the paint, tried again with one heavy layer, same thing, even tried gloss clear coat with few drops of that color, same thing.
Any tips, cuz I’m at the edge of a nervous breakdown?

Try thinning it and adding clear to bulk it out. That is what I do with Tamiya’s Clear colours.

Have you seen this?

Yes, I’ve seen that video, that was my guide at beginning, but the result was foggy…

I used the crystal green, airbrushed, and like you didn’t like the finish directly on the surface, so I cleaned it off and painted the back and left the front clear, which worked fine. Not ideal but the video says the same thing for spraying, wish I had seen that before using it!

My FV432 Mk 3 Bulldog in progress. I used Tamiya clear green and clear 40/60 and then an equal amount of Lacquer Thinner paint to Thinner 50/50. Coverage is good and you can see through the parts.

A covering layer of Kleer/Future will smooth it out nicely.