Ammo One Shot primer - new formula?

Hi guys,
so, the other day I bought new bottle of Ammo One Shot black primer, all happy for the new bottle (not the old crrapy one that leaked). It is (was) my primer of choice and I loved the stuff. Today I loaded my AB and started priming. First thing I noticed, the smell was slightly different and the buildup on the tip started sooner than usual. But the biggest problem was when I loaded the AB cup with cellulose thinner for cleaning, the remaining primer inside the cup just couldn’t dissolve and went kinda gooey (every one of the “old” formula ones I used dissolved in cellulose thinner like a dream). I am waiting for it to dry on a model now to see if it also lost sanding ability.
Anyone else noticed that change or having similar experience?

I am told that One Shot is rebottled Stynylrez by Badger so you may want to try that if indeed the One Shot is changed . I hope that Stynylrez hasn’t changed .

Yeah, it is Stynylrez (or at least was).

Check were it’s made …if I remember correctly the old bottle was marked “made in USA”,tomorrow I give a look

Says Made in USA…

Why not contact MiG and ask if it has changed formula?

Sure will, just wanted to check for other peoples experiences…

Another thought that may or may not be relevant
( those would be the choices wouldn’t they :grinning:)
My Stynylrez Grey and Black are fine but the White went bad - all purchased at the same time.
I have also found that the Vallejo Metal Colors have a definite shelf life.

@RDT1953 when you say went bad do you mean it doesn’t stick to the model? I’ve had primer that just runs and looks like A$$ after applying it.

Seemed to have separated with runny milky vehicle and hard pigment particulates.

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same with mine One Shot white

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@Doodeck ive noticed it with there one shot white and oxide brown. They have the old caps on them that leak.

old ones (leaking one) black, gray, oxide brown, green all worked like a dream…only problem was white

My old bottle of white looks ok, but I only use white to lighten gray, 3/4 gray and 1/4 white

Wow…I hope the OP has one bad example of this primer. Stynylrez is my go-to primer, and I have black, white and gray, plus gray mig One Shot, all of which lay down like a dream. Of course, all of these were purchased some time ago. If ‘they’ have changed the formula, I can’t imagine why (cost savings?..that’s about the ONLY thing I could see being a motivation for the manufacturer). If One Shot/Stynylrez have changed…not sure how I will deal with this. I tried everything before settling on these primers.

I sent an email to Ammo and will inform you guys when and if they answer.