Ammo Panthers – Modelling the TAKOM Family | Armorama

This comprehensive book defines the different camouflage schemes used at various periods of the war, various levels of weathering, winter camouflage, elements in primer colour, a tool and equipment painting guide, application of Zimmerit, the products and colours suitable for each technique, and much more.

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I’ve taken a small gamble and ordered this having assumed it will be suitable for all makes, i.e. RFM, as a colour scheme, is a colour scheme… is a colour scheme.

Where did you order it??

It can be ordered direct from Ammo by Mig. Already available on their website.

That would be a very small gamble as a Panther is a Panther is a Panther. The schemes were unique to the vehicles and not to the manufacturer of the models. Lucky for us.

Oh, and I forgot to say what a (as typical) amazing book from Ammo! Just love the pictures as they’re informative and inspirational. Going to have to see about getting a copy from somewhere.

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I ordered mine from a specialist book store in the UK, Paul Meekins, Military & History Books

Absolutely. At this stage, i’m more interested in the interior colours, as RFM paint guides are not the best it has to be said.

Just ordered it from Sprue Brothers. They received it yesterday - 27 February.