AMPS 2022 Show Announcement - Closing In on Zero Hour

Fellow armor modelers,

We are nearing 30 days before the largest gathering of armor model enthusiasts, historians and geeks in North America this year. Since the new year, many model shows have taken place throughout the U.S. and with effects of the pandemic decreasing and more locations easing restrictions, many modelers and show attenders have turned out to get back into attending and participating in all the action. The AMPS 2022 Show team is very excited to be a part of the numerous shows taking place this year and anticipates this year’s show to be nothing short of great.

Items to keep in mind:

Hotel reservations: You can still book rooms at the Marriott at Center City hotel for this show at the AMPS show rate. You can go onto the AMPS homepage at: and use the link to reserve your room for a fantastic, armor-filled, fabulous weekend filled with seminars, model displays and all the cool stuff the vendors have to offer. Booking on-line is quick and easy and be sure to ask for the “AMPS International” block when making your reservations.

Judges Training & Volunteers: There’s no secret here that AMPS needs plenty of judges to keep things moving while allowing more members to enjoy all the show has to offer, not just having a handful of members judge the whole weekend. Working 2 judging shifts gets you an AMPS Crew shirt emblazoned with the 2022 Show logo, and it’s a direct way to help support the show. Check out the training modules on the AMPS homepage ( if you’ve never judged at an AMPS show before, and if you have judged before, take some time and familiarize yourself with them again. Then, sign up on-line for a judging shift or two; it will really help out.

Click on the following link to sign up for a shift or more: The AMPS Judging System - Training Presentations - Armor Modeling & Preservation Society

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is the best (and only) way to list all the work you did to each of your entries in the comfort of your own home or model bench without the pressure of remembering then writing it out at the registration table before entering the show. If you’ve never pre-registered at AMPS before, give it a try. Once you arrive at the show, you’ll be glad you did. Hand off your forms and entries to the Ramrod, then you are off to look at the model display area after you re-supplied your stash…

And consider sponsoring a category or two. Go to the AMPS homepage and contact Frank Froment at before you pay so he can ensure you sponsor the category you or your chapter selected. Your contribution as a sponsor for any amount of categories is most appreciated by all AMPS members and the 2022 show team that worked so hard to help make this happen.

All vendor tables have been sold, so that means your wallet will definitely get a very good workout. So, get your shopping list updated and prepare for a great show all around.

Until the next AMPS 2022 Show announcement,

Model on!


P.S. Don’t forget to vote for AMPS officers up for election or re-election. Visit the AMPS homepage to vote!