AMPS 2022 Show Announcement - Increase in Model Entries

Fellow armor modelers,

Great news. For those of you disappointed that the maximum of 5 entries for the show was final; well, good news. The maximum number of entries is now extended to 8, so now you can include those pandemic builds that need to be seen at a show.

If you’ve pre-registered your models, follow the instructions below to add more:

  1. Log into the website (

  2. Go to your pre-registration record (Pre-Register for the Contest - Armor Modeling & Preservation Society

  3. Click on the "Go to My Registration Record " button at the bottom of the page

  4. Click on the “Edit Information” button.

  5. Change the “Number of models to register” to the total number of models you want to register (up to 8) and click the “Save Changes” button.

  6. Use the “Add a Model” button to add additional models.

Make sure you enter all your models and print out your forms before the show. Although we will have a printer at the show, you may have to wait a while before we can get to printing out your forms (we expect to be really busy with registration and data entry).

If you have any questions or issues contact the AMPS Webmaster:

Chuck Rothman

Till the next AMPS 2022 Show Announcement,

Model On!