AMPS 2022 Show Announcement - On-Line Judges Training

Greetings Armor Modelers,

As you are finishing up those armor projects for the AMPS 2022 show in Newport News, VA, don’t forget to carefully look over your entries, especially using the AMPS Judging Criteria under “AMPS Judging System” which can be found on the AMPS homepage ( The judging criteria is an excellent reference guide when looking over your entries ‘one more time’ before mounting them to any base or diorama. And speaking of judging…check this out!

On-Line Judges Training Opportunity:

Yes, that’s right. AMPS has uploaded a series of training videos for judging entries at AMPS conventions on the AMPS homepage ( These training modules include 6 sessions of (Field) Judges Certification Training. In addition, there are also modules on Diorama/Vignette Judging, Figure Judging, Table Captain Certification Training, Assistant Chief Judge Certification Training and Ramrod Certification Training. These training modules are complete, current and will guide you through AMPS judging philosophy, judging criteria, how to handle questions during judging sessions and when to award the “research” half point.

Call for Judges: AMPS is always looking for more judges to help spread the work around and allow more modelers to participate in the various activities during the show. Sharing in the judging duties helps others who might be otherwise working several judging shifts, to enjoy the show as well. If you would like to get a jump on training, feel free to review the on-line AMPS Judges Training sessions mentioned above. Otherwise, AMPS will be conducting in-person judging classes for those who would like to get involved in serving as well as for those who would like a ‘refresher’ course. Completing 2 judging shifts gets you an outstanding AMPS 2022 crew tee shirt, printed with this year’s show theme logo. AMPS is encouraging members to sign up now for judging shifts by going to:
Volunteer at a Show - Armor Modeling & Preservation Society on the AMPS International show page.

Finally, since there are less than 3 months before the big show, please review the items below and make plans before time runs out:

Hotel Reservations: The hotel rooms are still available at the original AMPS 2020 show prices and are starting to fill up, so when they are gone, they’re gone. Visit the AMPS homepage at and check out how easy it is to register for a room on-line. When you call, don’t forget to tell them you are with the AMPS International group block so you get the discounted AMPS rate. With less than 3 months to show time, don’t delay in getting your reservations secured.

Pre-registration: model pre-registration for AMPS 2022 opens on February 1st, 2022. Pre-registration is a great way to get all your paperwork done before you get to the show, which makes it faster and easier to check your models in. Note that for this this year’s show, there will be a 5 model entry limit per entrant. AMPS will re-evaluate this limit after March 1st, to determine whether we can practically allow more than 5 entries per entrant.

Vendor Update: At present, vendors have reserved 95 tables to display their wares and your wallet, so check under the couch cushions and in your old piggy banks for change as you will need it. The show team reports there are about 5-6 more tables available for rent, so if you’re considering vending at the show, contact Chris Graeter, Vendor Coordinator on the AMPS homepage (“The Society” link) sooner than later.

Raffle Update: Our Raffle Coordinator reports that, while the ever-popular AMPS raffle is in good shape at the moment, donations are always welcome and will only help to make the raffle that much more enticing. Contact Frank Ciccarella, our Raffle Coordinator, on the AMPS homepage (“The Society” link) if you have anything you would like to donate to this year’s raffle. New or very good condition items such as kits, tools, reference material, aftermarket sets, etc., would be most welcome.

Individual Category Sponsorships: Frank Froment, our Sponsorship Coordination is now solicitating sponsors for individual competition categories. Please contact Frank on the AMPS homepage (“The Society” link) if you’re interested in sponsoring one or more individual categories.

In closing, don’t forget to renew your AMPS membership. Now would be a great time so you don’t miss any Boresight issues or access to the product reviews put together by the AMPS Review Crew. The AMPS show team is constantly updating the AMPS homepage with new and additional information regarding show developments. So, continue to visit the AMPS homepage ( for these updates on the 2022 show and other news happening around the AMPS community.

Till the next AMPS show announcement,

Model On!



Although I am certified as a judge and Table Captain I just reviewed the judging criteria on line.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Reservations have been made.

Great news. Thanks for the response and stepping up. Stay safe.