AMPS 2023 Show Announcement - And the winners are


The voting polls have closed and the results are certified. The AMPS 2023 International Convention “How to Do” seminars are as follows:

  1. Soldering Photo Etch (PE) delivered by Rob Riviezzo
  2. Weathering Track delivered by Dan Feldman
  3. Desert Groundwork delivered Frank Blanton
  4. Creating stone / brick / cobblestone with foam board delivered by Jeff Feller

Additionally, an informational seminar from Bob Burik on “A Modelers Guide to US Tactical Marking Systems (Iraq, 2003)” will be part of the seminar schedule. This topic coincides with the 20th anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Show team members have compiled several roundtable seminars that are sure to be of great interest to all modelers in attendance:

The first is the Business of Models. We have assembled a 7 member panel covering the business of models community. This includes members representing Kit Manufacturers; Aftermarket Model Products; Paint and Weathering Products; Modeling Books; Model Retailer; and Advisor to Model Manufacturers. The panelists will share their perspectives on our hobby and respond to pre-collected questions.

The second is the Master’s Roundtable. This roundtable includes 5 AMPS Master level modelers who will discuss their perspectives on our hobby and respond to pre-collected questions.

If you have a question that you want answered in either the Business of Models or Master’s roundtables, let us know and we’ll add it to the list. Send your questions to

The How to Do (HTD) seminars are limited to 25 attendees, and a few standby slots. An online sign-up for these seminars will be announced later in January. In order to sign up for one of these HTD seminars, you must be pre-registered for the convention.

The show team is still working to compile the complete seminar schedule that should be available for review by February 1st…

Hotel accommodations: Don’t forget to reserve that hotel room as they are steadily filling up. AMPS show team highly recommends that attendees use the on-line option to reserve rooms for the convention weekend. Go to the AMPS homepage ( for direct links to make room reservations.

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is now open so, what are you waiting for? Your entries do not need to be completed to pre-register. Visit the AMPS homepage ( and register ahead of time and bypass all the lines when you arrive at the show. Once pre-registered and paid, simply print out your completed paperwork, bring it and your entries to the show, hop in the pre-registration line then hand them off to the ramrod and you are on your way to meet up with friends and the vendor room.

Vendors: And speaking of vendors, here are just a few of the vendors attending the show:

Microworld Games LLC

Boomers’ Books & Empire Models

David Doyle Books

For The Historian

Wanamaker Hobbies

Custom Dioramics

Frank Rincon

Doug’s Closet

Firehouse Hobbies

S&J Hobbies

James Pratt

Graeter Woodworking

Scale Colors

Alpine Miniatures

HQ72 Resin Productions

Vargas Scale Models

Don’t forget to visit the AMPS homepage ( for show updates and news around the AMPS world.

Attendance note: And remember, non-AMPS members are welcome and encouraged to attend the AMPS International Convention. By paying the show entrance fee, non-AMPS members can access the model display room, attend the various seminars, take a chance at the ever-popular AMPS raffle, shop at the many vendors, attend judging certification classes and even participate as a judge.

Until the next AMPS 2023 show announcement,

Model on!