AMPS 2023 Show Announcement - Final Countdown

Well armor modelers, this is it. Less than a week before the AMPS 2023 International Convention in Camp Hill, PA. Just a last few reminders before people start heading out to the show:

  • Pre-registration: Pre-registration closes May 2nd. If you’ve pre-registered your entries, please make sure to print out the Master sheet and individual entry sheets and bring them with you to the show. Access to printers at the show will be sparse at best. If you haven’t already pre-registered, make this year the year to give it a try. You’ll be glad you did once you get there.

  • Judging: AMPS is encouraging all attendees to sign up for a few judging shifts. Not to worry if you’ve never judged at an AMPS show before. There will be training offered. Many volunteers here will help this part of the show run smoothly and keep the show on schedule.

  • Tank Ride Raffle: Don’t forget to set some extra cash aside for the big AMPS raffle, especially that “once in a lifetime” ride on an M4A3 Sherman generously donated by the American Heritage Museum, Hudson, MA.

  • Go to the AMPS homepage ( and consider submitting your question(s) for the AMPS roundtable discussions. One panel discussion will be the Business of Models and the second will be discussions with AMPS Masters.

  • Donations: If you are bringing donations to the show for the AMPS raffle, meet up with Georg Eyerman, 2023 Raffle Coordinator, when you arrive at the show.

Take extra care in your travels and look forward to a great armor-filled weekend.


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