AMPS 2023 Show Announcement - Time's Running Out

Armor modelers,

There are less than 20 days away from the AMPS International Convention and time is running out to pre-register your entries and making room accommodations before heading to the show. Visit the AMPS homepage ( for links to making hotel reservations.

So, here are a few quick reminders as show time approaches:

Pre-registration: Pre-registration closes on May 2nd, so for anyone paying by check, your check needs to be received before then to allow you to fill out and print your entry forms. The address to send them to is on the AMPS homepage ( If you’ve already pre-registered, May 2nd is also the last date you can make changes to your forms before the link is removed from the AMPS homepage. Pre-registration is a real time saver and you will be glad you did it. Don’t forget to print out your forms before heading to the show.

Tank Ride Raffle: We will raffle off a ride in an M4A3 Sherman! The prize is graciously provided by the American Heritage Museum, Hudson, MA. Check on the AMPS homepage ( for more details.

How To Do (HTD): HTD seminars are filling up fast with just a few seats remaining. If you have pre-registered, then you can make your reservation for one or more of these limited seating seminars. If the seminars are filled, your name will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which you registered, and you will be notified of your position. Visit the AMPS homepage (

Raffle donations: If you are planning on attending the show and have some items you would like to donate to the AMPS raffle, advise our Raffle Coordinator Georg Eyerman ( of what you will be donating before heading to the show. As a reminder, items for donating should be newer kits that are complete, books, aftermarket, figures and diorama items.

Well, back to those benches and paint booths to finish up those entries for what is shaping up to be a spectacular AMPS International Convention.

Until the next, and probably last AMPS 2023 show announcement,

model on!



Still on my bucket list of the things I need to go to…


I’ll be there this year. A 4.5 hour drive. A pilgrimage.


That’s great! Haven’t seen you in a while. Glad you are well and making the trip.



I hope you do soon. Would love to see you there.




Not making it this year as I have similar drive to Philly the next weekend. Currently 1 to 2 club members are making the drive.

Where is the next one at or when will that be selected
and announced?

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Me too, about the same drive for me.

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