AMPV Being fielded

Well, this is a surprise


I don’t understand why they didn’t do this when the Bradley was first fielded.
Better late than never.
Who is going to modify a 35th kit to get this version?

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I was toying with that idea myself…

Mainly because i wanted to build the Ambulance variant.

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Yes! Do it!

Yeah! that’d be a tall order since there’s not much reference material on the AMPV, let alone the Ambulance version.

But i can imagine using a Kinetic M3A3 CFV for the base vehicle would be a good start.

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Good to see these being fielded. It was announced a couple years ago that the turretless Bradley was selected for the program.

It’s already been done. Pete @epi Becerra showed his a few years ago, Nov '20.

I may do one now that we should get some good pics of the interiors.

Yup, it would be the best starting point since it has the new T161 tracks as well.


Info and interior pics of the ambulance and GP in the Bradley Reference thread.


General Purpose Carrier

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Hmmm… Looking at the AMEV pictures. I think the interior is very doable.

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Took them long enough! I was working as a consultant at PEO Ground Combat Systems in 2009 when the Vice Chief of staff announced that the M113 FoVs was going to be replaced. I walked out of the meeting and told the PEO that the solution was simple: remove the turret from the Bradley and either stick a mortar out the back or add a high roof to make a CP or field hospital track.

Only took FIFTEEN years to get there.


Will it be mine resistant? how many people will it carry.Hope it’s made of aluminum. Where are more pictures?

Will it have an “M” designation of any kind? Not digging this whole AMPV thing

M1283 General Purpose (522 planned)
M1284 Medical Evacuation Vehicle (low roof - 790 planned)
M1285 Medical Treatment Vehicle (high roof - 216 planned)
M1286 Mission Command (high roof - 993 planned)
M1287 Mortar Carrier Vehicle (386 planned)

  1. Yes; double v-hull bottom, suspended seats, etc., just as much as the current Bradleys.
  2. Depends on the type. General Purpose can carry 6-8, plus crew of 2.
  3. Yes, aluminum alloy like other Bradleys.
  4. I’m sure more will come as they are fielded to more units and Soldiers start using them.
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I think the Bradley base is one of the best looking vehicles out there so I’m looking forward to seeing all these in 1/35 styrene. The ambulances are particularly cool to look at.

Exactly what the concept was all those years ago. There were five different M113 “variants” which were in use in the mechanized formations in the US Army exactly as Gino has described them. It was realized that continuing to use these platforms which dated from the mid 1960’s in the same units with Bradleys and Abrams didn’t make any sense and the vehicles didn’t provide sufficient soldier protection.

The FUNCTION these vehicles provided (as indicated) was still required, so a replacement vehicle for each mission was needed.

Since the Command/Treatment vehicles (high roof) and the mortar variants were originally a modification to the existing “infantry” vehicle in service at the time (the original M113) it was an unbelievably SIMPLE answer to simply modify the current existing “infantry” vehicle (the Bradley) to add these capabilities and replace the old M113 variants.

The fact that it took such a long, expensive and ultimately unnecessary process to get here is proof that the Defense Acquisition Process is absolutely stone broke. For further evidence see: F-35, Ford Class aircraft carrier, Zumwalt class destroyer, LCS, Virginia Class submarine…


AMPV Video