Amusing hobby M84

Anyone happen to know how the Amusing hobby M84 is?

Here is a review

and a build log for it

(Serbian language)

do you have a english translation i cant read Serbian?

Google translate will help you here! It’s actually quite good.

Well you’ll see the content of the box and how it should be assembled. There were some reserves regarding turret shape, but that is minor issue.
In the build log i have added some drawings of other authors along with reference photos for missing fuel pipe lines.
Other than that google translate is your best friend here.
If i coud get my hands on one of this models, i would, that is my opinion.
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i will eventually need to get 2 of them for my NATO collection one for Croatia and one for Slovenia
would you happen to know of any modern Croatian or Slovenian decals for it on the market over there

Try to see what Star Decals are offering
other than that, there is a Slovenian manufacturer that offers versions for Slovenian 10 day war for independence

You also have this Cranky crank serial numbers set used for all Yugoslav and later Serbian vehicles

(note: for M84A 5-digit serials were 214xx-21490
If you are looking for a modern Croatian M84A, be aware that DNNS (day and night vision device) is a bit altered in shape, and that had to be modified

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