Amusing Hobby T-72 Ural

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Why is this kit only available from Chinese Ebay seller ? Have not seen any U.S. retailers offer it yet.

Amusing Hobby offers excellent kits, but it hasn’t got the customer base of more stablished brands like Trumpeter, Takom, and Meng. US retailers are afraid they’ll get stuck with inventory they can’t move. On the plus side, I got mine from a Chinese Ebay seller in under a month.

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I’m sure that it simply hasn’t made it to the States yet. The price will be quite more here of course.

Amusing Hobby is the best kept secret in armor modeling. Every one of their kits that I have built thus far have excelled in detail, fit, and engineering. They are true gems.

Recently finished the Das Werk T72M which according to the box was done in cooperation with Amusing Hobby. Nice kit overall with no issues.

Its the same kit.

Yeah, I get confused with all the different nomenclature for Russian/Soviet vehicles.

I got mine via Hobbyeasy about 2-3 months ago. Only took about 1.5 weeks.

Scale Hobbyist has the Amusing Hobby T72M with full interior, if that helps: