Another one, and another one, and

Is there an injection molded Ram ?? I have a resin kit from Formations (?) I think somewhere in my stash.

Bronco did the Ram tank a year or two ago. Haven’t seen it, but then I do already have a resin Ram Kangaroo upper hull by Wee Friends or similar designed for the Academy M3 hull…

Oh ok thanks

Bronco recently did a Ram. Sadly, no interior, so you can’t easily turn it into a Kangaroo. Otherwise, nice kit.

How hard would it be to bash their (Italeri originally, I think?) 231 with another radio car for the antenna and make one? And no one has made a resin conversion yet? WTAF?

If you like the unusual subjects, and I do, you have to get comfortable with building cast resin and 3D printed resin kits. They are a lot more work, and they are not cheap; but, it allows you avoid another Tiger and yet another Sherman.


Actually, we don’t have “every variant of the Sherman.” We’ve been inundated with 1944-45 production versions, but the early war kits are thinner on the ground. The 1942-43 period had enormous variety, as there were 10 factories involved, and the Pentagon gave them a free hand to interpret the design, as long as all the mechanical and electrical parts fit. Dragon did a decent Alco M4, and Asuka did a Pullman Standard version. We have some decent dry stowage M4A2 variants, We don’t have a proper Direct Vision M4 from PSC, and no DV from Baldwin Locomotive, either. The Dragon and Asuka early M4A1’s all depict PSC versions. Dragon’s ancient Lima dry-stowage M4A1 needs replacing, And a Ford dry stowage M4A3 would be very welcome.
And none of the Tamiya, Dragon and Tasca kits include any interior parts! With that enormous hatch, you need something inside the turret, at least.
And US tank destroyers need some love. Tamiya now has a couple of pretty nice M10’s, and Academy improved the upper hull on theirs recently, but we still have no decent M18, and no really correct M36.

No idea.

Sometimes I’m willing to invest that type of time an old Pz IV, Panther or Tiger kit. The 1/35 Italeri 231 6rad - not so. It was fairly unimpressive right out of the gate when new. I have one of the turds in my stash.

Isn’t the AFV club M18 decent ? The Academy version had lots of issues I tjought

If you want a model of something which doesn’t exist as a commercial kit and you don’t expect it any time soon, do what we always used to do. Gather the dimensions and other data, draw it up and scratchbuild your own to whatever standard you require.

At least these days you can design the really difficult repeated parts like wheels in CAD without huge difficulty (I managed it from having zero previous experience a year ago after buying one book and watching a load of free online videos) and have them printed. Similarly you can have the body panels marked out or even cut on a plotter, which makes for more precision than doing it manually. And you’ll learn a useful new skill that can be applied to other areas of your hobby too.

Isn’t there a drawing in Hunnicutt of the XM800 that would provide a starting point?

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…and then just as you finish, a cheap injection-moulded kit will come out! That way your unique build will give the rest of us a new and interesting kit to buy… :grin:

(And yes, I’ve made that sacrifice to the gods of modelling once or twice myself…)