Another one bites the dust!

Hobby Junction, Montreal’s (actually Dorval) last and largest hobby store is closing in March. Small, compared to Sprue Brothers, Freetime Hobbies, etc. but it was the last one in the Montreal area, and had customers from Eastern Ontario, and Northern New England. Now all we have is a few toy/collectables/game stores with half a shelf of 40 - 50 yr old kits; at least most of these stores will still be a source of paint and glue!

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we lost all ours in the Stirling area of Scotland years ago…eBay now is my local store.

That’s a shame Leo. Lockdowns and mail order really have put a crunch on small businesses, especially niche stuff like our hobby that really does rely on community, not to mention going out for a pot of paint and coming home with most of your paycheque gone.

If you don’t mind hopping on the 401, there’s a Great Hobbies location in Ottawa and we’ve still got a few shops that seem to be thriving in Toronto.

Was in there once passing through Montreal. He had a crap ton packed in that store.

Can’t be the last one.

Ted’s Hobby Shop in Pointe-Clare
La Place Du Hobby in Terrebonne

But for sure, Hobby Junction and Udisco were the 2 big ones.

Always Elm City Hobbies in New Brunswick, they ship all over Canada

Ted’s is the only hobby shop left on Montreal Island, although they only have one isle of kits; the rest of the store is toys, games, arts/crafts, and war gaming/D&D. Lots of paints, though, and other accessories.
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It’s why I support Sunward Hobbies because a few extra dollars or at par means I have voice on the other end of the line if there is an issue.