Another one off the Shelf - Tamiya Sdkfz 251

Dug out another over the weekend. On the back shelf for min 12 years…
I’ll see if I can dig out the Archive Link to this one too.

Edit: Found some post but not the Blog. Apparently 2007…

I got HB tracks for it. Lost instructions if it had any.
Anyone know how to assemble these?


This may be helpful:

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The Link is Perfect. The exact thing.
Thanks Carlos.

I started to build the HBoss tracks last nite.
Very tiny parts. Quite a bit of cleanup req’d.
Trying to join 2 with the outer piece was a pain. I built a small alignment jig and still NG.

So: I assembled part 1 & 2 as a separate link. Then I snapped them together.
Success !

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Finished one side - 4 hours. Very tiny parts…

Lost (and found) the tiny top rubber piece 8-10 times. Just pops away when I’m de-flashing them.
Not alot of flash just enough to make you work.
After building top to bottom have to wait glue dries.
I rushed a few and you can see the top parts are angled.

Edit: Thought I added this pic but didn’t stick 1st time…

this looks interesting, I’ve always wanted to build one of these but never got round to it, I haven’t even got one in the stash lol

Klaus - Nice easy build. Maybe 100 parts? Inexpensive too.

Few update pics:
My favorite base for tracks prime & 1st color in one.
Better pic of tracks, no other paint there but the primer. Little detailing, low budget tool clips & fit old fuel can.

1st filters and clear coat on.
Started dio base.


More Progress…
Just have to seal weathering and final dry brushing.
Base - Just have to finish edges. Little warp there Scotty…
Got open box of figures on EBay. Little addition req’d.

Will meet that self imposed goal - Fin’ by New Years!


Final (FINAL) Pics

Dio finshed.
Prob. my best figure. Going out big.

I joined in Jan of 2010 so exactly 12 years.
I’m retiring this year and moving back to FLA so no more models in 2022.
And if I finally get my fun car on the road and get another boat, this is likely my last, ever.


Nice job on an old kit, the scene ties everything together and a good job on the figure.

Always nice to see these older kits getting some love. You did a great job finishing it and getting it on a base!