Another Sad Day

I found this site :rage:
Where you can have made military certificates made with your name and what ever rank you want. If you are a wanna be, here is your site to document your fantasy…
There is a disclaimer at the bottom but… I want to be an Airforce SEAL who parachuted into Baghdad and single handily captured Sadam using only an Army P38 can opener and turned him over to a Marine recon unit.

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I’m sure some stolen valor POS will be flashing these at the mall around the holidays.

I find it hard to believe that this is legal .
What a pathetic , money grabbing, opportunistic, shameful , sad , embarrassing, immoral… you get the idea.
Edit - what an insult to those who have earned it , and to be clear I am not one of them . It makes me angry .

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While that can happen, I don’t think brother Bob’s intentions are for stolen valor.

If your a vet, this might be a good service for you, just my take. I think this sites been around for a long time, it looks very familiar to me.

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I do like the availability of a Combat Excrement Disposal Medal certificate…



However there are no checks and balances. If I want to be an Admiral, so be it. That’s the problem. If I have a site to replace lost SSN cards and you are honest and tell me your number and I print one for you, great. If I give you a false number and you print one for me, then what?

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we have had two of them in the past that got past the VFW screening. One guy claimed to have been on the battleship New Jersey, and the other is just plain ditzey. I told the guys that I had a bad feeling about the first guy, as he didn’t not know the codes it went by (virtually all combat units withing thirty klicks of the beach knew it). Then we get a phone call from Michigan warning us about the guy! He’s gone! The other guy’s paper work looks right, but he ain’t seventy plus years in age! I put him at early fifties (and I look very young for my age). Plus he doesn’t know II-Corp or I-Corp; even though he claims to been there. The Mayor of Phu Cat called him out (claimed he was posted there).

Still my all time favorite dude was a guy at work that claimed to be an ex RVN POW! I called him out, and showed him the list. Then promptly turned him in to the folks that had an interest. They fired him for false information on his employment application after doing a serious check on him thru the Feds in house.

Just as bad as we have imposters, there are also imposters deep inside the military.


Unless I’m missing something (like if the certificates are TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek) isn’t there something illegal about falsifying documents? Like falsifying a medical degree and hanging it on your wall?
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I had my pet guinea pig ordained online… but never had him perform weddings.


Well, a point in favor of the site is that lost certificates can be replaced. Although without the flowery jargon of the original certificate. A couple of mine have gone missing due to moves, and I’d love to replace them.


Did you try Uncle Sam?

No, I sure haven’t. I still have the medals and the orders, just was thinking about the certificate for my wall.

I just figured if the have the war records etc, they should have the documents as well.

They would have the orders. Those are printed up in multiple copies for unit records, as well as the individual service member. But I believe that the certificates presented with the medals during award ceremonies are solo papers. My 201 file did not have any certificates when it was given to me at time of separation, only the orders for various medals, along with other similar paperwork.

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I am a retire navy gunner’s mate guns, 1st class. sometime ago I ran into a young lad from the local base wearing the CMH ribbon on his uniform, in a restaurant while I was eating with me wife. I got a little ticked off and went over there showed them my retired I. D. card and in my loudest gun mount voice proceeded to publically chew him and his friends out in an old school military butt chewing as they all were wearing ribbons that boot camps should not have been wearing. After all most CMH awardees are done posthumously and it is very disrespectful to both their sacrifice and that of all of those who will never come home again.
So the restaurant manager asked me to leave and I told him NO not until the young lads removed the false ribbons. So the manager called the police. They came. Both officers were both veterans and I calmly and quietly explained to them what happened. The 2 cops said they will just call the MP’s and let them deal with it. Well the ribbons came off, I went back to my lunch and finished and left. I also will never go back to that restaurant either.


Isn’t that considered Fraud? I mean I worked for my stripes AND NOW YOU CAN BUY THEM WITH A FRAUDULENT STORY TO GO WITH IT ! Shameful.

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@G.Baran that pretty much sums things up in the 21st century, people want the rewards but don’t want to put the time and work in to get them…I despair at the human race when I see this kinda thing.


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it is, but also not often taken into account. Guess there’s things more important

they come with a letter to verify ownership. A copy is then placed in your file at the department of records in St. Louis. Yet don’t expect them to be up to date as many are not even slightly close. I know one guy who sent off for a copy of his DD-214 file, and got it in a couple weeks. He lost it and ordered another file, and the second almost looked like it belonged to another fellow. I’ve had three copies, and mine all stayed pretty much the same but with a couple exceptions. I kind of gather that what’s in your file is largely how well the company and battalion clerks did their jobs.

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I don’t understand these people. What satisfaction is there in claiming to be something you are not? If there are financial benefits for this sort of masquerade, I could see real low lifes doing it, but then what wouldn’t they stoop to?
I remember when I was working in a foundry in West London, we got a guy in there that reckoned he had been in the Marines (more specifically in the band), that was boasting about what he’d done. Much of what he said didn’t ring true to me and I challenged him on some details (I’m an ex-cadet and also very short term in the Intelligence Corps, I do not consider myself to be a veteran). I then asked one of the other employees about him. She put me right - he’d never done anything he said, in fact he’d never been out of Hounslow! He left shortly after. But it still begs the question to me - why do it? After all there is nearly always someone around who will know better, just making yourself look like an idiot.