Anti slip coating on AAV7A1

Im building the Hobby Boss AAV7A1 and im wondering does the AAV7A1 have a anti slip coating on the upper hull and has anyone put it on theirs and does anyone has pics of it any help will be appreciated

Yes, it does indeed. A visit to Prime Portal would be your best bet (unfortunately I can’t link to it currently). Mine is still inthe to do pile so can’t help on that front, but I’m planning on using rustoleum for the texture.

Hi Nick,
There is a good set of photos on Prime Portal of the AAV7 in Iraq here:
The two large top hatches are covered in anti-slip coating. The rest of the vehicle has too many parts sticking out to fit any coating on it.

AND I was just going to suggest what Paul just posted - get a spray can of Rustoleum Terra Cotta for doing the anti-slip areas. It gives the best scale effect you’ve ever seen.

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Matt, off the top of your head, is that the can with a picture of a side lamp on it ? I asked about this before and Gino recommended it then as well ?? I have found rustoleum terracotta over here for about £12 a can, if its the correct one … I will be needing it on the M1 I have planning for the ODS Campaign.

Yes John it has a photo of a lamp on it.

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Cool, more shopping lol

Johnny, I picked mine up in B&Q IIRC.

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Cheers Paul, I will look in there next time I pass the local … I love these little tips we get on here.

I use it now on all my Modern US stuff

I have one more question about Hobby Bosses AAV7A1 I misplaced the tracks so om going with one piece tracks from AFV Club AF35271 big foot tracks

will these tracks fit the AAV7A1?

Yes these will fit the A1. You’re good to go Nick.

the one thing that you can use actually instead of rusteloum is embossing powder, it’s easier to use, and you can just put down some hobby glue, or white glue, or whatever glue you want, it’s easier to apply, and it’s really simple to do.

Give it a try you might be surprised.

Never heard of it before, any type or place to order can you recommend?

Here’s what the rustoleum looks like out of the can. This is on a HobbyBoss Leo2A5 DK.

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That looks very nice Paul, does painting it hide much of the coating or does it all show through still ?
Gino @HeavyArty did a little thread on this for the M1 over on the old thread which was really good as it showed a template of the areas that required the coating. The Rust-Oleum is on my shopping list for this week.

Embossing powder seems to be some sort of easy-melt plastic powder used for
“card making, scrapbooking, gift wrapping or any other arty project”
so I would go looking for it in that type of store or on the internet

Hi John,
no, painting doesn’t hide it. A judicious wash will help enhance it actually


There appeared to be various options, I was hoping that George could give some pointers as he mentioned the technique.

Gino @HeavyArty did a little thread on this for the M1 over on the old thread which was really good as it showed a template of the areas that required the coating

Yup, it is still my go-to product for anti-slip coating. I highly recommend it.