Any Good Howitzer Kits?

With the AFV Club Long Tom evidently a turkey, I was wondering about their other howitzer kits. Or anyone else’s for that matter. I’m hoping there is something worth building out there!

The AFV Club WWII M1 155mm is a fine kit as it corrected the issues in their earlier Korean War M59 155 kit. Their M115 8" kit is fine for a Korean War howitzer as well.

There are a bunch of other good howitzer kits out there as well. What era/conflict are you looking for, country, etc.? Some basic guidance will help to narrow it down a bit.


The Trumpeter kits are all good, fairly well detailed kits, and quick builds, Most can be built competently in a day. Just a few in my queue:
152 mm Type 83
JGSDF Type 99
Of course there are many more yet to be purchased. The Akatsiya and Kondensator come to mind.
Academy’s kits aren’t bad. The K9 is a quick build OOB. I have another I’ll bash with an AS90.
Takom’s G6 Rhino is also a fine kit. It really depends on your taste.
Having just finished my second one, Zvezda’s MSTA-S is very accurate and highly detailed. For the money one of the best kits out there right now IMHO.

Don’t even get me started on my resin kits. Or the towed ones…

For US Artillery the list of good kits is long. All of the AFV Club kits less their Korean war M59 are GREAT. I’ve got them all in my display case. The AFV Club M108/M109 series is GREAT. Trumpeter has a good M198, and HIMARS. The Bronco 155mm series is GREAT. Dragon has good US halftrack-based SP artillery from WW2. Dragon and Trumpeter have good MLRS kits.

Avoid the Italeri US arty kits. Right now, their M110 is the only kit available; but AFV Club’s M110 is due to be released within the next couple of weeks. I’ve seen the instructions and the first shot sprues - they look really good.


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General question, but I did want to depict an American gun position being abandoned by its crew when they realize that Chinese troops are marching in regardless of casualties.

The Bronco M1A1 155mm howitzer would be a good choice then. It was the main towed 155mm in the Korean War and an excellent kit.

A M2 series 105mm howitzer might be a good choice for that scenario. AFV Club makes a few in 1/35

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Hopefully that is a good kit. Problem with Bronco kits is that they have a million little pieces to put together!

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Two million little pieces for their M3A1 37mm AT Gun! :mag::smile:

You can always build the Peerless Max one. :smile:

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What about the 1/16 M198 Merit did?