Any news on the Thunder Model BR-80?

Did any one of you get any news on the Thunder Model BR-80? It has been announced for some time, and on ScaleMates someone claims to have it in his stash, and one even to have finished it?

The latest news published on their website was back in early September 2019, about other models.
The latest news on their Facebook page is dated mid June 2019, also about other models.

The website has a product page about the BR80. The text finishes with “More details to follow”

My personal evaluation: Thunder Models have been awfully quiet the last 2.5 years, all hope may not have been lost yet but the prognosis isn’t positive …

I think this is as close as it is going to get:

I agree. They did release the molds to Airfix for the Case tractor in 2019 but not the other version or anything else in their catalog that I could see quickly.

It confirms my own suspicions. It is a pity, since I build their box car and, minus a minor quible, it was a pleasure to build…

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