Any tips on fixing yellowed vacu-formed clear parts

Any tricks on trying to clear up yellowed vacu-formed clear parts? I ran across an old kit in my stash and the clear parts are yellowed/brown. I know there was a trick that helped fix yellowed decals by letting them sit in the sunlight (taped to the window) on the most sunward side of your home. Was not sure if the same thing can apply. Would appreciate any input on this.

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Future does a great job on clearing clear styrene. Yours is a different problem, but it might work. Can’t do any harm. Just dip the part into a jar of Future and let it drip off. Then put it somewhere dust-free and cover. The Future will completely cure overnight. Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised in the morning!

Look for a new canopy from Falcon or Squadron or even Pavla.

That yellowed/brown canopy is basically good for the garbage.
It is a chemical reaction within poor quality plastic and nothing
will bring it back.
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There are some tricks that people in the retro computer community use to restore yellowed and browned casings. Some tricks seem to work better than others. Google a technique called retro-brightening for more on this. It might work for you.
Not something I’ve tried myself. Short of a good clean in detergent, I leave my machines in whatever colour they’ve turned.

A replacement might be your only option though. If you can’t buy one, you might be able to smash mould a direct copy from the original.