Anyone Ever Done This For Real?

Nip and Tuck–0041 | R. H. Junior Webcomics

Sounds like most of the cars I owned in my 20s!

Yup! I just discovered a stash of 1000 crated original Willy’s in mint condition! Just send me $100 cash and I’ll tell you where to pick up your jeep! :roll_eyes:

That sounds familiar…“Jeep in a Crate for $50”

When I was a kid we had a neighbor who bought one of those crated jeeps - he built it in his garage. So cool.

Closest I came was looking at a 1958 Deluxe VW bus that appeared to just be the body and chassis. Guy who owned the yard didn’t bother to mention all the parts had been stripped and were in a shed all packed up ready to go.