Anyone going to MosquitoCon April 2?

Their 2019 show was the last model show I’ve been able to attend. Big shout out to the New Jersey IPMS guys as they did pull last year’s show off in July (rescheduled twice I think !) and are now turning around to get it back on its regular schedule.

Our regular crew is planning on the trip. I have some commission builds to deliver as well.

I used to go all the time when I lived in NJ

Have fun

Yeah, it’s about a 3 hour drive for us about the limit without having to stay overnight. On the plus side we get dinner at the Clinton Station Diner on the trip home. :grin: :grin:

Great diner,I used to be in Union,now 11 hrs away in NC
Not too many Jersey style diners down here,but hey,we got pork roll here !!!

Ha. One of the things I look forward to at MosquitoCon is their Taylor Pork and egg sandwich. First stop I make after check in. :grin: :grin:

I’ve never been to that show; always seem to be working on that Saturday. Might try to make it this year.

Take a “sick” day.

I should just not sign up for Saturdays lol. It’s only an hour and a half from me ….

My whole crew from Connecticut will be there.

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Yup! I’ve got family with a guest bedroom less than 10 miles away and it’s going to be a nice drive up from Virginia on Friday. I plan to stop at the Modellbahn Ott store in Boyertown PA and Zeppelin Hobbies in Wayne NJ as part of the trip too. I’ve been enjoying MosquitoCon for a few years now (minus the Plague Year that Wasn’t of course) - they do a nice job there.

you mean TAYLOR HAM


Modellbahn Ott ? Sounds interesting. I’m about 2 hours south of the show & we typically stop at my brothers place in Montclair for dinner & a visit on the return trip.

How is zepplin hobbies ? I always thought they were mostly RC . Any armour models ? their on rt 23 right ?

Ill be there , Im only about 30 minutes away. I go to this one and try to make Danbury every year. .

Pork Roll to those in the know … Taylor Ham to the rest of the world . Not attending this year as both my daughters are bearing my first grandchildren and Mrs T throwing joint baby shower that day .
Have fun gents and I don’t want to hear about all the bargains from the vendors.

If you have the time or pas through Boyertown on a regular basis visit the Carl Spaatz museum. Spaatz was born in Boyertown and the museum just opened up last year. Couple of guys from our IPMS club helped with some of the models. Great little museum. Some neat stuff as well including a very large diorama of an airfield and some interactive stuff that includes 2 escape rooms and a mission briefing. They are also working on a full scale B17 cockpit simulator but I’m not sure if that is finished yet.

Alas I haven’t the time to stop at the museum this trip but I’ll see if I can’t make it on another trip. As to Zeppelin Hobbies, I haven’t the slightest idea how they are as I’ve never been there, but they’re on my way from my aunt’s place to the con so I’m gonna make a stop.