Anyone have just need 1 set Finemold IJA seatbelts I could buy please

I also have a couple sets of German seatbelt if someone would like to trade. Thank you

Hi Oyoy, a set of Finemold IJA what? I found 24 Fine Molds IJA models.

Refine your search and someone may be able to help you out. I have a single 1/35 IJA tank.



I assume ( I know it may be dangerous to do so ) that the OP is looking for the FineMolds IJA seatbelts which were molded in a flexible plastic IIRC .
How about it oyoy- is this correct ?

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Yes sorry that is 100% correct and I only need one set if possible.

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I have no doubt now that you’re right. Another object lesson as to why I should not read and post when I’m half asleep.

Oyoy, I’m very glad that you did post this because I had no idea that Fine Molds made flexible seatbelts. Now I need to find some!

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