Anyone still having email receiving issues?

I upgraded our mail sending service last week to having a dedicated IP address for outgoing mail. That should mean that for HotMail, Microsoft, and Apple our IP isn’t listed on a blocklist any longer. Hopefully that means they will actually let you get your mail now. :smiley:

I want to hear about any issues like that though if you are still having them. Not saying I can do anything about them but I might be able to.


Notices are still going into my Hotmail junk folder. Usually after I tag them as “not junk” this stops for new addresses and they start going to my inbox. However, no matter how often I move these emails from my junk forlder to my inbox, the new messages still go into the junk.

Not the end of the world, but I did miss replying to someone for about a week and felt kind of embarassed about it when I finally caught the message.

For Mike and anyone using HotMail I did run across this article that seems helps fix the ‘always going to spam’ issue. I guess it has something to do with only approving mal from known senders in your contacts?


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