Aoshima Suzuki "Matsuri Van" (OOB)

When I posted the stuff I got at HeritageCon 14 a couple of weeks ago, I had a lot of interesting kits on display. I asked people what they wanted me to review first, and I was totally unsurprised by the result!

The winner was the oh-so very weird and wonderful Suzuki Carry “Matsuri Van”! I mean, if you can’t see a Kei-class truck with a dude Taiko drumming on the roof would be the winner, then you need to go back to ESP-school, I think!

Just like me when I bought it, I think a lot of people are drawn to the weirdness and want to see what it’s all about. So, being a firm believer in “give the people what they want”, you can read all about this pint-sized “parade-on-a-box” at the link below!

You must provide your own Sake, however.


If the crowds following your festival get hungry there are a series of “Catering Machines” to satisfy their needs:

and another oddity:




I’ve brought a few of these small Suzuki trucks but only to convert them into the 4x4 version popular with farmers. Raise the suspension, add knobbly tyres, a cargo deck and lots of mud. Lovely

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Oh man , those are all cool! Hmm… now I have to see about building a fleet!

Thanks for pointing those out! It’s interesting they’re all “landscape”, Only the Matsuri Van needs the height of the box, I guess!

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Have you come across this one? There appears to be an unusual level of complexity in the chassis which should lend itself to customisation:

but the same is true of more basic versions:



No i have not see that pair. Thanks I will look. I do have a Sambar van to turn into a farmers van that was painted like a black and white cow. Sorry I’ve misplaced the photo of it.

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I saw a Reliant Regal three-wheel van at Woodford years ago painted in Dark Green/Dark Earth/Sky camouflage, VW Beetles with Luftwaffe camo and markings seem quite common:

and it’s not just VWs:

This, however, is simply an atrocity:



I agree with the attrocity comment.

Those wheels don’t suit that car at all. I hate it when people put new wheels on an old car.


Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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