Apollo CSM - not a plane, but it does fly

It’s close to Christmas, and while I don’t have a holiday-themed Gundam kit this year, I do have something that’s a bit out-of-this-world: the ancient Academy Apollo Command/Service Module!

I’m not really a “real space” builder, and have an interest in space travel, but never really to the level of wanting to model subjects from it. However, I needed something small and fast, something simple I could finish and get on display since I was in a bit of a rut. Of course, this little guy turned out to be a bit more complicated than it should have been, most of that being my own fault, mind you…

Still, while not a tremendous kit (in any terms), this thing does come out looking okay, especially if you have a moon-themed display base for it!

Check out my take on humanity’s first true space cruiser, that did exactly what Kennedy challenged it to do. Don’t let the Aliens on the horizon on the folks on the sound stage confuse you – you can see the build here:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!


It’s small, it’s inaccurate and it’s overly simple

I got a very similar item out of a box of breakfast cereal when I was in my early teens. Another box held a LM which plugged into the docking port. Both were moulded in lemon-yellow plastic, but probably came in other colours as was usual with such giveaways at the time. I seem to recall a tiny Mercury Atlas with a launch tower in pale green.
Edit: Found these with more details.
Kellogg’s Space Age Series- Does anyone remember these? | Omega Forums
MOONBASE CENTRAL: Killer Cereal (projectswordtoys.blogspot.com)
I never had the radar dish or the Astronaut, but the others may still exist (at least on part) somewhere…



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Oh man, that’s awesome!

That is definitely the same stuff as in that Academy set. I wish we’d gotten more of those things in there! That Atlas is awesome!

I’m glad I got this set, then; I’d never have thought to look for cereal kits!

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