Apologies if you had Dark theme selected

You are going to need to go into user preferences > interface and reselect it. I had it improperly configured prior to today.



Whew, I though I was either having a stroke or getting hacked with all the setting display changes.


Lol… That makes 2 of us !!!


Ahhhhhhh darkness has resumed lol… And my eyes have stopped burning from the white glare lol


Bright light, bright light :sunglasses:


Mama don’t take my Dark Theme, Mama don’t take my Dark Theme awayaaay … :notes: :notes::notes::notes::notes::notes: …

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Ah back to the darkness. I almost got screen burn.

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After momentarily lapse of reason I gave myself back to the Dark Side.

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Pheeeew ! That was close…



Embrace the Dark Side… It’s the only way

Step away from the HTML code

@staff_Jim JIM! You messing with the light switch again! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Nope not me. Working on the content sites atm.

My eyes! I was just minding my business on dark theme then I get blinded! Wheres the eyes melting emoji? :laughing:

Hmm… that’s odd. I do have the system set to auto-update those themes now. I suppose it could have taken them off-line briefly while it was updating. Not sure.

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Mine stayed ok this time :blush:

Ok, mostly poking fun but it changed for me when posted.

Well it’s time again when lights came back on.

@staff_Jim, is this going to be a weekly thing?

No idea. I am not messing with anything that would change this (other than when it happened the first time). Are there other people seeing this happen? I don’t use the dark theme so I wouldn’t see it.

I can report it to the discourse folks as a potential bug if it’s widespread.