Archived content not found. Looking for scratch-build log of German 8 kW generator

I attempted to view an archived build log on scratchbuilding the 8 kW generator used with the sd.kfz.251/20 “Uhu” using the following link:

and the result was being taken to a “Not Found - 404 Error” page. I noticed this with other pages which were supposed to be archived. Does this mean the specific links weren’t saved? I attempted to use the search function; but, it’s pretty useless. Can the mods/admins provide a solution?

This page is about scratchbuilding an 8 kW generator but it is to be used for a Flakscheinwerfer:

Maschinensatz 85V 8 kW

This thread claims that the Uhu used the same generator as the Flakscheinwerfer:

Quote from the link above:
"The removal of rounds from the Panther was not to accommodate the extra battery but for a stand that held the GG400 generator used to charge the extra battery the tank carried – the same as the command versions.

The UHU was not full of batteries but was full of the 8Kv generator set which was the standard gen-set for the 60cm searchlight in Luftwaffe use. The UHU used the standard s/l and gen-set just with an IR filter over it."

The GG400 is, or at least was, available from Riich:

Edit: For those who haven’t checked the link about the generator for the searchlight.
The Uhu worked together with IR equipped Panthers and the Panther needed a power source to power its own IR equipment.

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Thanks for your assistance, Robin. However, I was trying to access that page because it was a step by step build log for scratchbuilding the generator. The first link you provided is from earlier this year and isn’t as detailed. I was hoping to find the page via the Wayback Machine; but, that URL was not archived by

The Riich ones are a different generator to the FlakScheinwerfer one which looked like this:

It is a ‘tad’ bigger than the Riich ones too…

The one in the UHU was the basic components of the one pictured, but fitted into a different casing located sideways in the rear. It blocked off the driver area from the rear, but set back enough that there was a gap allowing the driver and radio operators access.


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And there is also a resin kit of the 8kW 85 V Maschinensatz by Dnepromodel

It’s even with reduced price now.

On the other hand @Headhunter506, I can provide my scetches and how I built the 8 kW generator SBS if you are interested!


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Panther, not UHU,
Der Panzer, nicht das Halbkettenfahrzeug. Verstanden?

And one from DES Kit as well :wink::


You jumped from a question about a generator for an infrared searchlight in a half-track to a generator to charge a battery in a tank??
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Nein, ich verstehe die verrückte Schwedische logik nicht.


Man you crack me up… Your sense of humour is wicked.

The link I posted contained information about both, the Uhu and the Panther were part of the same team → maybe someone wants to show both these components as models → one used a big-ass generator and the other used a “portable” set → since I already had the information available about the usage and a 1/35 source for the “portable” generator I might as well include it for free.

I don’t see it as a jump, more like a “widening of horizons” (You looking for Uhu details? Maybe you interested in the IR Panther as well? We have special offer on portable generators this week …)


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I know about the DESKIT generator. I tried to order one from Tony Shop; but, I can’t. When I click on the drop down menu for country shipment in checkout, there was no option for USA/United States/Etats Unis. I emailed customer service with a detailed explanation of the problem in both English and a French translation. The reply indicated my username and password. That’s it. They might as well have told me that the answer is √0. I wish I could get my hands on the Blast Models detail set with the generator; but, I believe it’s OOP. I can’t contact Blast because the store is closed until October 11.

Thanks for the offer, Angel. PM me.

Maybe you could get in touch with the owner of DESKit, Maurice Des. But you must use French for that as he doesn’t speak English, AFAIK. Here’s the email adress


Thanks, Henri-Pierre. I felt like I was talking to myself dealing with Tony Shop.

I have had a similar experience with Tony Shop.
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A big thank you to Angel for supplying me with his notes which, along with drawings contained in Panzer Tracts 15-4 and the relatively few photos of the Sd.Kfz. 251/20 available online, I was able to fabricate a reasonable copy of the 8 kW generator used in the vehicle. This is what it looks like: