Arcus paints

Anybody got intel on this maker? Quality/ accuracy any good. Looks kind of like kinfolk to Hataka.

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This one?

Arcus from Ukraine?

I’ve read good comments on Missing Lynx about the enamels. They seem to have great variety of less familiar colors like Romania air force etc.

I haven’t read anything about the acrylics.

BTW - there’s also a house paint with the same name.


That’s them. Sorry for the mis spell. Thought they were acrylic, like Hataka. Are they old school enamel (use paint thinner)? Or lacquer? Wonder if the house paint is the same company. Testors/ ModelMasters use to be Rustoleum owned.


All good, there’s so many brands it’s impossible to keep up with all of them.

No, idea if same Arcus company.

There some discussion on Missing Lynx about the Arcus enamels. Found it with a Google search etc.

Honestly, I’m always interested in learning about new paints but have a massive stock pile of my preferred Floquil so I don’t try many new paints. Please share any additional information that comes up.

FWIW being an enamel & lacquer die hard…Mr. Color Leveling Thinner has made every enamel/lacquer and acrylic-lacquer paint it’s compatible with better in my experience.

I’d rank the currently available paints that I’ve used mostly airbrushing like this:

  1. Mr Color Gunzy/Creos (acrylic-lacquer)
    using Mr. Color Leveling Thinner.

  2. AK Real Color (acrylic-lacquer) using Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. This is really outstanding in thst it’s readily available and has good military AFV colors.

  3. Tamiya using Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. Also being able to thin with Tamiya Lacquer or acrylic X20A gives fantastic flexibility.

  4. Mr Paint/MRP (acrylic-lacquer) - already thinned too thin to brush in my experience

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They’re really good, but the downside is that if you buy their box sets, the paint pots are really small and don’t last long.

They do some really good authentic shades for commonly bodged painting guides. Example, RAF night fighter undersides. Tamiya will tell you NATO Black, ARCUS do a purpose made colour called ‘RAF Night’ which was, in fact, the designation for the actual paint used in WWII. Its black with a hint of blue/violet and it looks fabulous.