Are you missing a package?

Maybe here’s why?

Really sucks, doesn’t it…

With no enforcement the criminals become bolder.

Cops can arrest every thief under the sun. But if the DA does not file charges or files reduced charges, and judges sentence them to minimal time in custody, if any… well….
And currently in that area you have all three happening- a voter initiative that downgraded or eliminated many theft crimes, a state assembly bill that moves state prison felons to county jails so low level offenders cannot be kept in custody due to court ordered population levels, and a DA who is not filing cases to put bad guys away for the maximum time possible under the laws. It’s catch and release. The bad guys are back on the street before the arrest report is completed and approved.
All the hard work of the 90’s cleaning up the streets and three strikes has been undone.


There are not many things about the Saudi’s or Sharia law that I agree with, but lopping off the hand of a convicted thief would go a long way towards preventing repeat offenders… just saying.


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Well, it might make them a bit easier to spot… On the other hand (if it’s not missing) they will milk any system designed to support disabled persons. The worst situation is when the community at large reaches a point where it starts to take a pro-active crime prevention stance based on a popular consensus of fair play. This is obviously a threat to the individuals and organisations who are supposed to be providing protection to, and justice for, the wider community; any such tendency must be suppressed (in the name of good order). The “worst situation” gets even worse where the consensus arrived at is not reached by a community for the most part rational, reasonably educated, and permeated by beliefs which overrule humanities’ natural tendency to lean towards, well, the humane. For those of you who may be skeptical of where this can lead, an internet search for videos associated with “Jungle Justice”; note any such items should carry a “may cause nightmares” warning (a vomit-resistant keyboard cover may also be of use).



OK so why are these containers so easy to open? Why aren’t the insurance companies reading the riot act to the shippers? Sure put the offenders out in the desert cracking rocks. But why is it so easy?

“Everyone is guilty of something”
“Innocent until proven guilty”

A faulty conviction can be overturned and a prisoner is let out of jail
but a chopped off hand can not be returned a few months later.

We had a case here in Sweden were a police officer wanted to win a great case,
a psychologist wanted to prove her theory about ‘suppressed meories’ and a semi-mental
drug addicted attention seeker locked up in a mental facility was telling the psychologist and her tame detective all the stories they wanted/needed to hear so that he could get attention and drugs.
He was convicted for more than 15 murders. When they walked him on the crime scenes he couldn’t identify anything (since he had been lying through his teeth the whole time) but the police and detectives assited him with leading questions to get the stories into some kind of almost coherent state. A small piece of a womans skeletal bone found at one of these “crime scenes” presented as evidence in court turned out to be a piece of grey dried out wood (at least it was organic …).
When the “serial killer” was convicted and the detectives and the psychologist could go home and celebrate their “achievement”, “oh what a great detective I am who managed to solve all these cases”, then the “serial killer” could finally come off the drugs and realised what had happened he took back all the confessions. The verdicts were appealed, the detective had retired and the psychologist had died of old age so they could not interfere anymore. New judges looked at the available “evidence”, threw out the piece of wood and found that it was all sloppy police work and confused psychological “science”.
The real murderers will never be found since an idiot in uniform wasted time on a drug addict instead of doing some proper investigations. The psychologists name will live in infamy.
Good thing we don’t practice the chopping of hands or heads. That police officer though, maybe the chopping of body parts could be allowed in some very special cases.

We have had many cases of incompetent police work …

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They save on shipping costs and pay for the losses.
Paying for losses is probably considered cheaper than preventing losses.

The Stockholm County bus company (they own the buses, garages and workshops and contract out the actual operation to contractors) only have liability (damages to others) insurance on their buses.
If a bus is damaged in an accident they fix it in their own workshops or send it to the coach builders for repair. Paying out of pocket for repairs/replacement of a few buses is a h*lluva lot cheaper than paying insurance for all of them.
A largish shipowner in Hamburg 90 - 100 years ago did the same with his sailing ships. He ordered his captains to be carefaul and avoid risks and dangers, better a day or two late than never arriving. His calculation was that he could replace a ship every second year cheaper than insuring them.

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Robin insurance would be very expensive. But spread out over a zillion customers not so bad. And you also have to take into account customer service. Good PR to have a fully insured service.

I always tick the ‘insurance’ box and pay the extra.

I agree that insurance for packages is a good thing and hopefully those packages were insured.

Loss prevention as in making sure that packages are not stolen is another, more expensive, matter.
There is also the problem with porch pirates …